Back To Winter








Burr! I guess I starting getting used to the balmy, 40 degree days. Starting my long run in 18 degrees felt down-right chilly. But, it was sunny and beautiful, and I had the day off. So, off for Long Run Friday. Layers, a neck gaiter and my usually-too-sweaty-back hydration pack (autocorrect tried to replace that with backhand rant!?!) will keep me warm. Aggie loves this weather.
Once I’m warmed up and out of the wind, my thoughts drift. My head is all over the map when I run. Tree, hill, crunch, what’s for dinner. I’ll get as far as chicken, but not what to pair it with or how to cook it. Never a complete thought. I’m okay with that. I kind of like that I am mostly judgment-free of myself. Running is about the only time my inner critic shuts the hell up. Definitely okay with that.
As of late, I’ve been listening to Trail Runner Nation podcasts. I love them! Podcasts are new for me, and I’m not sure I’d use headphones in unfamiliar territory. For now, three hours fly by listening to interviews and ‘you know you’re an ultra runner if…’ stories.
I’ve been doing a similar loop the last four runs. The terrain has been different each time due to ice, snow, sun, mud, you name it. I have not been bored. I’m actually looking forward to plain old vanilla dirt trails. This ice pack is a little ridiculous. I put my foot through ice in a few spots, scaring the slow right out of me.
I ended up not doing the five hour run I’d hoped for. My evening plans won out, and I didn’t want to be cooked for them. But, next Friday, watch out, I’m all over it. Me and the couch have a pending date. I love that this excites me!!!! Yes, both.
My Nathan 020 hydration vest should be here tomorrow. I’m pretty excited. I’ll let you know how it works for me. Also, I’m hoping to update you on the diet changes I’ve made. AND, check out my brandy new race page. If any of you can make these races, I’d love to link up there! Also, suggestions would be amazing!

And, because I can, here’s a little fun from my bathroom sink. Enjoy.

Happy Running Friends,


9 thoughts on “Back To Winter

      • So this is a nerdy one, but I am addicted to Planet Money. It is not a financial advice thing but rather explains current economic situations with fact and humor. They have done stories on everything from TARP to why Coke was 5 cents for so long.

  1. Astrid – thanks again for your encouraging comments on my blog. Really enjoyed reading this one and especially interested to read about you listening to podcasts. My ultra running husband listens to them while training and I have been thinking of giving them a try. I hope you like the Nathan hydration vest. I use a Nathan hydration belt and love it!
    PS – love the ducks!

    • Yay, duckies! And YOU rock!
      I was hesitant to listen to anything else but trail sounds. I don’t know why I waited so long, but now I love the advice and humor from those hour long pieces.

  2. Can’t wait to hear about your new vest. I have the Wink by Ultimate Direction and love it. I am afraid it’s going to be a little too warm this summer though!

    LOVE your pics too!

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