Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

This is a happiness/unhappiness profile.

I want this.

So I will do this.

I guess I’m as ready as I’ll ever be.

Let’s run,


Checking In

On an impulsive move, I’m visiting the blogosphere unplanned.
I’m not even sure what my game plan here is, but here I am. I’ve been loading up on B complex twice daily. I had an evening run. Its Monday. I ran a 7:44 minute mile. Oh, and there’s 19 days til the VT50.
It’s probably the latter. But all good choices for writing about. Hmmmm. Still going for the latter.

I’ll be a 50K runner at The VT50. Hubby will be braving the full fifty miler. I will be following my favorite color signs. I don’t know what hubby will be following. But he will be fast. Like 9 hours fast for his race. So proud of my speedy senor. Can you tell, this is my excitement talking (writing)? I have ultra fever…
Of course, I’m in it for the fun. I’d be lying, though, if I didn’t secretly want to run fast (for me). I’d love to break eight hours. Eight-and-a-half will probably be more like it. I’m trying to be okay with that. I know, I know, I only started running a year and a half ago. I’m impatient. I want to be a rock star. Now. I hear the course is tough. No previewing, though, since a lot of it is on private land.
So, maybe finishing under the cutoff is enough. I’ve had most of the summer to think about this race. And Pineland seems ages ago. If I didn’t have any other commitments and pills of money, I’d probably have run an ultra a month by now.
I’ve done a few long runs the last few weeks. I ran a slow and sweaty 24 and a 20 and a failed 24 that resulted in around 15. Some days I do everything as planned and my body says no thank you. This Friday is my last long run before Vermont. Then, the dreaded taper……….
I’m hyper because I had my first mini cold over the weekend. It never fully matured. Thank God. I slept a full 13 hours Saturday night as insurance. Saturday was the second to last WNHTRS race. It was crazy fun course with a brutal 5000′ of elevation change and a downhill finish. Crossing that finish line was my rock star moment. Post race I napped, then napped again. I woke up Sunday feeling fine. Go figure. Now I have loads of energy. Truly unheard of for a Monday.
After some debate, I bought a GPS watch last week. The Garmin 110. I love it. It’s simple, straight forward, easy to use and I can see my elevation profile online when I login to GarminConnect. So, on tonight’s run, the last mile I ran a 7:44. Maybe the Garmin is broken? Crazy.


This is me and Aggie after a looong run. Beautiful, isn’t it?
Well, all is well in this grateful girl’s world.
Anyone out there running in the VT50? Any pointers?

Thanks for running with me,