Road & Trail


What’s up with waking up before 7am on a Sunday? Oh well, naps are always welcome in this house. Coffee first. Maybe then a run.

I am not a fan of running on roads or pavement. Cars, other people, movement, etc. Boring, old roads. Growing up in NYC, that’s all I knew for running. In the eighties, I’m sure there were plenty of folks trail running, I simply hadn’t checked it out yet. Upon moving to Vermont, i did my first trail run in ’90, It felt slow and awkward. I raced (or something that looked like it) for a season in high school. I get a chuckle thinking about my coach’s face when he would see me run. Thank God I wasn’t one of the scorers for the team. The fastest cross country 5k I ran, I think, was something like 24 minutes.

Fast forward two decades (how did that happen, seriously?). And I am walking, then trotting, now running, trails where my Aggie girl can run off-leash. No cars, no lights, no noise, no other people. Well, mostly. There is the occasional other runner and dog walker. I LOVE it. Just me.

Know what I love most about trail running? THERE IS ALWAYS A DOWNHILL! I love feeling like I am actually running like a champ on those downhills. And the pace is ALWAYS changing. I have to pay attention to my next step so I can block out my brain which is always telling me I can stop if I want.

Today’s run was a new route for me. Two miles out on flat, boring old asphalt. Cars, staring people (that’s what it feels like sometimes), flat. Flat. Hips hurt. Brain says I hate this, let’s stop. Where are my roots? Wet grass? Fallen trees? My God, I forgot what the sun feels like cooking me. Too hot. I know, its only two miles, but I’m so spoiled. Okay, I’m at some new to me trails. New trails!!! Smiling, silly big smile. Shade, big hill, pine needle coated trails. Big bouldered stream. Perfect. Peaceful, beautiful trails. So many trails here I haven’t investigated yet. But, it’s time to head home.

Aggie is back on-leash. And we push the last two road miles back home. I don’t own a GPS, so I map out my runs online. I go mostly by feel. If I push home, I’ll be that much closer to my second morning coffee! 6ish miles, and I’m back.

Maybe next time I do this route, I’ll drive to the trails. It wasn’t so bad, though. That running on the road business. Whatever.