Late day sun



I’m the most blessed chickie ever! New camera AND I convinced hubs to do a longish run two days ago. Yay!
I just picked up an iPod, complete with camera. I’ll probably never listen to music on it, but I can post poor photos to this here blog from anywhere. It was news to me that iPods have wifi capabilities. Go figure. So I’m WordPressing from a two inch screen.
These are some shots from my bread n butter trails.
Friday was, of course, Long Run Friday! Wooooohoooo! I was gonna try some new trails, but opted for some company instead, after convincing hubby he NEEDED run with me. Yup.
J and I have done a run here and there together, but our pace and surface preferences are different. I want dirt, he likes asphalt. I slog, he actually looks like he’s moving. And when we run together, it’s mutually beneficial. I push more than if I was alone. J, well, I think he practices listening to me blather. Really, there’s no need to practice on his part. I’ve turned into a talker since I got sober. Who knew? He says I help pace him, but I think he’s being generous. Like I said, pretty blessed.
Our Aggie girl was about to combust waiting for us to get going. I’m in no rush to get out there early this time of year. It wasn’t 30 degrees til 10am. By 11, she was groaning with frustration. It was as horrendously frozen by then. Not a fan of running in sub 0 Celsius. Fancy, huh?
You guys have heard all the gory details of this particular run. It’s a ten miler that starts on a dirt road, continues into some town forest and on a teensy bit of asphalt at the start and finish. It’s familiar territory, but It was made new by highlighting all my favorite trees and rocks to J. I don’t think it was as painful as that, he’s still eating my cooking. Pretty cool. I prefer to run alone, but it was amazing to share my chosen trails. I’ll crack up if I’m lonely next time I hit this route. Hello? Anybody? Hello?
Anyhow, I better pile on a few miles before Thanksgiving. I’d like to do some damage to a certain pumpkin pie with my name on it. We’re also going to find a turkey trot for Thursday, maybe I won’t feel so gross Friday. I’ll keep you posted.

Happy Thanksgiving!
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Jamaica State Park










Jamaica State Park is gorgeous! Falls, narrow streams, wide rivers, mossy boulders, foot bridges, steeps and flat walking trails. And an abundance of sunshine to boot. It felt like it’d been forever since we’d had a sunny day. After an emotional couple of weeks, me and Aggie soaked up the beauty with a relaxed pace. I was in no rush to be moving fast(ish).

Today’s run was more of a hike. Every few moments I stopped, pulled out my iPad and awkwardly snapped pictures with it. This was my first trip to Jamaica, and running felt like less of a priority than looking and seeing.

It’s going to take me some time to get used to running on snow, too…I was taking tiny baby steps moving downhill. Maybe I’ll invest in some screws for my old sneakers…

I’m struggling to write this evening. I’ll let the pictures do the talking. But first, I’ll say I’m glad I went somewhere new today. I needed this beautiful day to invigorate me.

I’m sure it won’t be long before I come back to Jamaica.

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A little bit of everything

Greetings from another Long Run Friday.

This a snapshot from my first attempt at running in the predawn hours.

I’m watching Aggie sleeping while sitting up. That’s about where I’m at, so I’ll be brief. This my longest run to date at 20.26 miles in 5:46: and some seconds.

I started at 6:30, a little nervous about critters in the woods before the sun came up. No critters, and there was some light. See creepy photo. Still haven’t used my headlamp on trail. That’s fine with me. I’m sure it’s time will come.

My folks sent me their handheld Garmin to use, so I could keep track of pace, mileage, altitude and lots of other stuff I haven’t figured out how to use yet. I spent quite a bit of time looking at the Garmin while running- I’m amazed I didn’t wipe out.

It was cool, temperature wise, between 40 and 45 the entire run. There was abundant sunshine til hour four, then the winds picked up, and it started to rain. Blessedly, the rain was brief. I picked up the pace to keep warm.

I usually eat two or three energy gels on my long runs and suffer later with an upset stomach. I read online that I may want to try more solid food That worked for this run. I had a gel at the half way point, an apple, some peanut butter at the start and a GF breakfast bar. No tummy trouble here. It was just recently stopped getting side stitches from eating before a run. So, solid food it is. Maybe a little less caffeine,too. Yeah, right.

I didn’t kill the dog. My legs don’t hurt. I didn’t break anything. And I didn’t pee on myself. All in all, a very awesome run.

So, beautiful run it was. Yup. Sweaty, stinky girl take nap now. Later, I will guiltlessly eat copious amounts of waffle fries.

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