Runs with Cold



Yesterday’s 10k trail race was a blast! Albeit cold (34 degrees at the start), it was sunny and bright. God has blessed us with rain just about every day for the last three weeks. Boo. I swear, I’ve been getting moldy. Finally, race day, and the sun was shearing away last night’s hard frost. I had told myself I wouldn’t go if it was pouring. I was feeling a bit wonky and getting super sick was Not on the agenda. Well, no rain=running!

It had been three weeks since my last trail race, and I was itching. I went out a bit fast, then almost quit before the first mile! I hurt all over and couldn’t find my breath. I haven’t been running as much the last month, so my training is lacking. My left tight IT band is about as tight as a guitar string. And I’ve been experiencing some random foot pain in my right bunion (sorry, ick). So my excitement level is pretty high when I can run.

The course leveled out and I found my breath again. A beautiful vista got my head into the run and I was finally present. This is why I run on trails! Up, down, left right, where’s the trail? slow and steady up the hills, fast and open on those downhills! I love the changing leaves, the geese on the lake honking like crazy, the unlimited chili at the end! Pretty course, no humidity, no IT band pain. Ahhhhh!

I ran a 1:24:00. That’s about a 13:30 split. For me, that’s pretty good. On my long runs (12 to 17 miles) I run 16-17 minute miles. Woooohoooo! Most of my trail races this summer have been at the 15 minute split. So exciting! Maybe someday I’ll run really fast and be a star! A girl can dream

After a welcome nap, I woke up with the dreaded stuffy nose. This morning, I woke up looking like a washed up boxer. My face was as puffy as when I had oral surgery in the spring. Yay, sick. Hey, I just ran my fastest 10k trail race with a cold! Awesome! I feel like shit today, but… I ran faster with a cold! Maybe my running has improved… Maybe.

This a rambling, un-cohesive post. Sigh. Oh well. Blame it on the sickness. Did I mention I’m faster?


Thanks for reading,