Let’s Usher in Spring with Snow

We’re in the midst of a two foot dump. As soon as I put my gaiters away and starting organizing my winter gear for storage, voila. Big snow! Which meant another day off, making a record three snow days this season. Hubby had to work, so no riding for me. Poor me, I guess I’ll have to go running. Aggie is doing doggie jumping jacks.

We did quite a bit of slogging, albeit sweaty slogging. It was SO much work running through knee-deep, untracked snow. I secretly wanted to run today so I could test out my hydration vest.
My new vest is a Nathan HPL 020 Racevest. And I love it. Truly. It never once sloshed, bounced or chaffed. I like having pockets on the straps so I can grab stuff on-the-go. We’ll see if my back stays cool. I like that it doesn’t feel like I’m lugging around 10 lbs. of agua. My only complaint, and it’s minor, is the bladder is difficult to unclip from the vest. Two thumps up.

This photo is hilarious. What’s the verdict on this pic? Too stuffy? Is the logo too over-the-top? Totally silly.

While dumping crappy photos from my iPod, I found this one. Two things to mention: I re-started my running life in these beauties. They were already eight years old. But, they’re what I had in my closet, and I was determined to trail run. I moved out of them half way through last season when I bought my Hokas. It was like going from a Yugo to a Vayron. I feel nostalgic about these babies. But, a photo was more appropriate than bronzing them. Thank you, old shoes. Even though my back hurt running in them. You will live on right here.
On a more serious note, this is a runniversary. It was just over a year ago my woods walks with Aggie turned into runs! Miss Agatha let me know it was ‘time to hurry up, mom’. So, without any fanfare, I began running. I can’t believe it’s been a whole year. I could write an entire post about it. But not now.
I feel like I should mark this with a celebration. Any ideas? I suck at planning. Aggie’s ready for a party…maybe I’ll celebrate with a long run…
Thanks for running with me,


10 thoughts on “Let’s Usher in Spring with Snow

    • Bring it on! We have 17″ of new snow on our back deck. It’s pretty, but… I looked longingly yesterday at pics of nice, brown, boring dirt trails on my iPod. Guess I’m ready for mud season…cause I know it means SPRING!

  1. Woweee just a year and you’ve gone a long way baby. Sorry about this silly old throwback of a quote but you have done so so much and you are amazing. Love you loads, your admiring mother.

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