Flu, Round Deux.

The flu is all over the news. I’ve been doing a bit of eye rolling over all the fuss. Granted, I was sick for an unprecedented two weeks in early December. No biggy.
Hahaha. The joke’s on me. I’m the proud recipient of a second dose of the flu, only five weeks after the first. What?!?! Okay, I’m going to use my least favorite acronym……WTF?!?! Who gets the flu twice in a winter, huh? I’m healthy, I take tons of supplements, 3,000 mg of C, very little processed food and tons of raw veggies. AAAARRRGH.
AND I CAN’T TRAIN. Have I lost perspective? I know there are those who have it worse. I know it’s temporary, but I feel like I’m having to pay a bill I already paid. Crabby, I know.
On the upside, I don’t feel nearly as terrible as I did last month. In only two days, I’m up, sipping a toddler size portion of coffee and eating toast. That’s a lot to be grateful for.
Okay, I’m done boohooing. Thanks.
So, while between naps and some SyFy channel, I created a Tumblr account, vttrailgirl.tumblr.com. My Tumblr account is strictly visual. Just photos. For those of you that follow me here, you may recognize the photos I post on Tumblr. They’re fancy re-dos of the pics I post on WordPress plus some non-running images I’m working on.
While I’m shamelessly promoting myself, my twitter handle is @vttrailgirl.

Thanks for reading (my boohooing),


April in January

Hello from Sunny Vermont.
I’m not kidding, it’s been in the forties for four days. And we’ve witnessed multiple sightings of the sun. Folks have come out of their hibernation for a bit of socialization. Runners greet one another as they pass.
This is easy living. It won’t last, though. So I’ve run five times this week (out-of-doors). The forecast calls for a return to seasonal norms. So sub zero will be typical til, I don’t know, April? Maybe I can squeeze a few more trail runs in before I re- retreat.
The snow, however, is not fairing so well in these beautiful days. It’s brown and sloppy and salty and sad for dog paws. Aggie could care less, until I try to put her in the Pit of Despair, better know as the tub. A chewy will fix what ails you.

I snapped these on my first early morning run of the year. Notice the snow is still perfect. Not so much now, only five days later.

I’d forgotten how amazing the rest of my day can be if I start it by running. I’ll try to remember this tomorrow morning, when my alarm goes off at six and I want to huck it across the room. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Happy running,

Checking In

Old rope tow shack on my favorite trails.
Happy New Year!
I'm working on getting used to running in cold, bleak, January Vermont weather. Sorry '
bout the run-on sentence. I don't run in sub 20 degrees F yet. So….The upside is…CROSS TRAINING! I mean, it's suggested I use other musckles, right?

Night riding!
This is our super secret local riding spot. The old rope tow is my upper body toner. The amazing dump we received for Christmas/ Boxing Day is for working those leggies.

Me and hubby riding at Okemo.
J has finally made the switch from skiing to riding. And, I’m happy to report, he’s loving it! AND we’re still married (despite advice that someone other than his wife teach him). We’d been trying to get out on the hill together for the last three winters. Since I started running last year, my motivation to stay active has been pretty high. Hence, the frequent snowboarding this season. That, and the incredible snow conditions. Hooray! I so missed riding. It’s great to get reacquainted with my old love. My Tahoe years feel like my memories again, not some tall tale I substitute for my staid life.


Thanks for hanging in there with me. I love sharing my trail love with you.