Flu, Round Deux.

The flu is all over the news. I’ve been doing a bit of eye rolling over all the fuss. Granted, I was sick for an unprecedented two weeks in early December. No biggy.
Hahaha. The joke’s on me. I’m the proud recipient of a second dose of the flu, only five weeks after the first. What?!?! Okay, I’m going to use my least favorite acronym……WTF?!?! Who gets the flu twice in a winter, huh? I’m healthy, I take tons of supplements, 3,000 mg of C, very little processed food and tons of raw veggies. AAAARRRGH.
AND I CAN’T TRAIN. Have I lost perspective? I know there are those who have it worse. I know it’s temporary, but I feel like I’m having to pay a bill I already paid. Crabby, I know.
On the upside, I don’t feel nearly as terrible as I did last month. In only two days, I’m up, sipping a toddler size portion of coffee and eating toast. That’s a lot to be grateful for.
Okay, I’m done boohooing. Thanks.
So, while between naps and some SyFy channel, I created a Tumblr account, vttrailgirl.tumblr.com. My Tumblr account is strictly visual. Just photos. For those of you that follow me here, you may recognize the photos I post on Tumblr. They’re fancy re-dos of the pics I post on WordPress plus some non-running images I’m working on.
While I’m shamelessly promoting myself, my twitter handle is @vttrailgirl.

Thanks for reading (my boohooing),


I <3 Winter







I have yet to love running in the cold. Friday topped out at a balmy 24 degrees. I needed out, though, so instead of a run, a hike was in order.
Most of the above photos are from Lye Brook Falls, here in southern VT. The falls itself is around 140 feet. It’s about a five mile round trip and pretty easy going. Aside from the flat light, it was a beautiful walk with hubs and a happy Aggie dog.
Hiking at new spots is okay. Can you tell I struggled with an adjective? I want to be grateful for having the ability to get out and go. I am. But, hiking is not running. And (more griping) running on the treadmill is not trail running. If given a choice, I’d pick hiking. Treadmill running is about as fun as dental work.
I’ve been to the gym twice in the last ten days to run indoors. It was really a blast to be back there, but the most I could last on the treadmill was 40 minutes. The real highlight was watching my reflection in the glass. For the entire 40 minutes. Ugh.
I can’t believe I miss the humidity and bugs of summer. I miss getting up with the early sun of July to run before the heat of late morning. Maybe if there was snow on the trails…
So I wait for cross country skiing. My shins are healing. My IT band rarely bothers me. I’m focusing on LOTS of stretching and portion control. I’m still running outside, but only two days a week. I gave up tracking mileage (for now). The plan is to get back into spinning and try some cross fit and Zumba. Anything to keep up cardio and stay off the TM of doom. Any ideas? I’d be grateful for feedback of what you do to keep fit through the winter.
Hope you all had an awesome Thanksgiving.
Thanks for reading,