Today is the day!

Nothing extraordinary about today, except for the fact that I’m finally putting finger to keyboard to complete an entry. I’ve been stalling writing here for the last month for fear that I will have nothing to say, so here goes…

My run today was my usual morning route; 4 mile trail run in about an hour. Today was a bit faster, at 57 minutes. I started trail running just a few short months ago. Some days I am confident that I am running my own race, against only me. Others, I am trying to be the best runner ever. The reality is I am a deathly slow runner right now. Good days out on the trail happen when I’m at peace with who I am. So, being at peace this morning, or something like that, I pushed a little.

I love when I get my butt out of bed on time and hit the trail before work. My Aggie dog loves it, too. We don’t always make it out of the house in the AM, but it’s what starts my day off right. Its a much better day if i can run before anything else. The first half mile is to the local park, along the north end of town, on asphalt. My legs feel heavy and stiff. By the time I take Aggie off leash at the park, I’m feeling better. The park this morning is filled with fog and dewy grass. We go up the old ski hill my husband learned to ski on, about a 500′ climb. A year ago, I had to walk backwards up this section to make it up. Now, I can trot it. It’s progress. The rest of the trail is single track and snowmobile trails. And they’re all mine! Just me out here today. My legs feel awesome and I settle into a rhythm for the next couple of miles. My head clears and I feel present.

My favorite part of this run comes toward the end (!) as Aggie and I come down a small hill, into a clearing dappled with sunlight. The trees look massive, the light softens the green of the grass and wildflowers are everywhere. There’s a stream under a small bridge which Aggie launches into and I stop and wet my hair in. Just a quick stop today, and back through the softball fields and a half mile sprint home.

Not a bad way to start my day.

Now that I’ve written a bit, I want to write about everything that comes to mind about my running so far. But, it’s bed time, and I can incorporate more about this into my next few entries.

Thanks for reading, and happy running!