Getting Ready

Yikes. I’m almost larger-than-life here.
This is me heading to the finish line of the VT50 last year.
I hope to look this cheerful at the end of the VT100k Saturday. I’ve been hopping up and down for the last two weeks, I wonder if I’ll have any energy left to run.
Long training weeks of 50 miles are done. We made it through a very long winter and emerged into a full fledged summer swelter. I’ve done the middle of the day heat training. Training races have been run. Back to backs done. Aggie has dragged my sweaty carcass through bramble to a taper-crescendo.
At this point, my training is what it is.
It’s time to prep.
Every aspect of running an ultra appeals to me. Of course there’s the running. That’s a given. But organizing our gear has been utterly satisfying.

I went as far as ordering 15 insulated lunch bags to polish our running style with. We nixed the garbage bags in favor of uptown style. Red for girls, green for boys. I have seven drop bag sites. Hubby has nine for the full 100. We’re gonna utilize all of these. Neither of us has to think about what our bags look like at midnight when we’re a little trail weary. And we look good!

Here’s what’s in each drop bag for our VT100 experience:
1 Stick pack of Tailwind
2 Bottles of frozen H2O
1 Bottle of frozen smoothie
1 GF PB&J (hubby is a celiac)
2 Gels
Aleve for her, Ibu for him
Wet Wipes
KT Tape strip
Pretty straight forward. I’ve heard simple is best, especially later in the game.

Vermont is hottest and most humid in July. Any perishables, like fresh fruit and ice, our crews are handling. So far, the weather forecast calls for 82Ā° and 75% humidity. Although the VT100 has been hotter the previous two years, we are going to have our crews carry lots of ice. Last year volunteering at Stage Road Aid Station, we had very little ice to give the runners. I want to make sure we have lots to share, if needed.

What am I missing?
Batteries, headlamp and flashlight I’ll leave in my Ten Bear bag for later in the day.
Extra Buff, change of shoes will be in my Spirit of ’76 (mile 40) bag.

I know lots can go wrong. I tried to prepare for all the parts I can control, so when something does go wrong, and it will, I won’t feel like a house of cards. I wanted everything ready so I can sit back and enjoy the pre race festivities Friday.

I’m injury free (for today). Packed, trained & rested. So let’s do this.

I’m covered in grace, that I can run. Everything else is just icing. I’ve been running again for a mere 2 1/2 years. That I’ve come this far to run further than ever is incredible. I’m beyond wow’d that I’m going to run in this year’s VT100 so soon. Whether I make it to the finish line or not, it’s gonna be an amazing day. I hope you’ll include me in your prayers Saturday that it’s a smooth, fun day for this grateful girl.

Thanks for running with me,

PS I had the privilege of being interviewed for Far North Endurance. Please check out the link here
It’s a great piece! Thank you, FNE.


26 thoughts on “Getting Ready

  1. Astrid, What a great picture! It is wonderful to see any runner out there enjoying the gift God has given them (since we know we don’t always feel that good at the end). However I will be praying you have a great race this weekend and feel as good this year as you did last. I look forward to your report and enjoyed the interview of you and your husband.
    God Bless,

  2. I can feel the excitement as you share, and really am so very proud of you for going for this!
    As I was reading up on th VT100 and was wondering what went into those drop bags!
    So th question is : when and where will you need more encouragement/cheers? :o) I wanna be there! xo

  3. Drop bags… I knew I was underprepared for this, you just made me feel ten times more unprepared. Haha. I think I’m going to give my brother a laundry basket full of miscellaneous items I migth need and hope to find him at aid stations…

    It’s going to be a good day. Looking forward to bumping into you. Drove by yesterday, and saw some course markers up and the tents up. Getting really real…

    • Bump into? More like mow over. Ha! Whatever you need, you can take out of my drop bags; now you know what they look like and what goodies lie within. Hope you & your family come to the pre race dinner.

      • Haha. Thanks. Not sure we’ll make it to the pre-race dinner. If we do it will probably be late. My wife doesn’t get home from work until 6:00, and I don’t think I’d take the kids without her…


  5. Best of luck for this weekend! I hope you’ll totally rock it. šŸ˜€ I love getting my gear ready for an ultra as well, it just helps to accentuate how extensive these undertakings are. šŸ˜€ That’s an awesome picture of you…! I will cross everything for you this weekend, give them hell!!

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