Tentatively Trotting

Here I am, eight weeks after the worst of the pain has subsided. My chiro cleared me three weeks ago to try some running. I was so afraid to re injure my psoas, it took me five days to believe her and try a run. And it was the most glorious two miles. EVER.
It was slow, it was awkward. I loved it. AND it didn’t hurt. I think my last pain free run was in September. I love you, Doctor. You work miracles.
We’ve had a few more snow storms, in the meantime. I passed on snowboarding when storm Vulcan gave us gobs of snow. (My Tahoe friends are bristling). Our local trails are so deep with layers of ice and snow. It’s hard to believe Spring is a mere week away.
We have a few more nights scheduled of sub zero temps. Is this really March?
Oh well.
Aggie is so excited to be running again. Her dad stepped in a bit when I was layed up. But not as much as I would. She’s my running partner. I try never to leave laced up without her.


We completed an incredible 10 miler yesterday. It was tough going. I could feel my lack of base. But, I was running. And I could barely take it for granted. I’m happily sore in my Glutes today.
The snowy trails are awesome for building lateral strength. Anytime I’m off trail, it feels like cheating, it’s so effortless. This winter, we invested in Micro Spikes. They’re on the heavy side, but, again, great for training. My feet feel light as air without them.
So, with this new confidence, I’m learning to love dirt roads. Really. This time of year, they feel like a gift. I’d been dreading that 75% of the VT100 is run on dirt roads. Now, not so much.
Speaking of the 100(k), I’m on track to follow the 16 week plan for training, courtesy of Google. It’s the New Zealand Ladies Ultrarunning Club training plan. I’ll put a link to it in the next post.


I have a couple of 50k’s in the next 6 weeks. One is a late edition. More soon.
Think Spring!
Oh, one last thing, I think chiropractors are amazing. If you can, try one. Mine has done amazing work on me. I had no idea I could feel this good. She helped heal my psoas pain, aligned my hips and relieved my chronic neck pain. She has been really affordable and so worth every penny. I feel like she’s given me a new body to run with.
Thanks for running(!!!!!!) with me,


26 thoughts on “Tentatively Trotting

  1. Hi. Interestingly I wrote a post on my chiropractor two weeks ago. Glad you are feeling better. Try not to concentrate on results- just the process. No pressure and more enjoyable.

    • Thanks! I complicate he heck out of most things, so I appreciate the reminder.
      I’ll have to go back and read your post about your chiro. Mine is my most favoritest person on the planet!

    • Thanks! We both are, although I might actually be more ecstatic. I’ve been doing lots of Toyota jumps and awful trail dancing… She IS chasing more stuff out on the trails than normal, though. Hmm..

  2. I’m so glad you’re back running…how you lasted that long I’ll never know. And I agree, chiropractors are amazing 🙂

    • Haha, thanks! I found it (selfishly) hard to read others running blogs. Otherwise, having the coldest winter on record here in New England helped. This was the BEST time of year to have an injury! Happy running.

  3. Awesome news! I’m so happy for you – you’ve picked just the right time to start running again as well, now that spring is just around the corner! 😀 I’m completely with you on all aspects of trail running – it’s great for stability and working all those lateral muscles, and the fact that every step is different means it’s great for injury prevention. Like you, I always find that I can fathom so much speed on the roads after running on the trails a lot. And most importantly, trail running is just much more fun than repeatedly pounding the roads! 😀

    • Thanks! I appreciate your support.
      Although trails are where it’s at, I’m so glad to be branching out to dirt roads. We have a crazy amount of them here in Vermont and I really want to be a little more versatile as a runner.

  4. I can feel your joy 🙂 I haven’t run and it has been from emotional pain. Pain is pain. My heart isn’t in it. But you continue to inspire me. I love your spirit. Can’t wait to see you. xoxo

  5. Yayyyyy!!! Such a good feeling to have those pain-free miles after struggling through an injury. I have a “miracle worker” doctor like yours, and he is one of my most favorite people on earth because he keeps me running 🙂 I call him my “voodoo doctor” because it’s like magic – hahahaha!

    Nice work, sister! Hope to get running on some trails with you very soon. We want to come up and celebrate when Jeremy returns, so maybe then?

  6. Happy to hear you are back at it! Chiropractors are my best friend! I hope to see you out on the trails this spring/summer!!!

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