Stupid Psoas

I’m not running right now. I’m five months away from the big day. I’m supposed to be training for the Vermont 100K.
This was going to be an ‘inspirational’ post about my new eating habits. About all the deep powder days we’ve had.
But I’m friggin injured. The crappy truth is my brain is telling me it’s forever.
My psoas is messed up. It’s either a torn muscle or a bursitis.
And I’m mad. It hurts all the time now. I walk with a limp. My quad won’t lift my thigh. My right butt cheek is on fire.
I love running. I love the routine. I love the fight. I love being tired from a long run. You get the picture. And I’m not running. I’m not even able to walk the trails.
I’m on a strict diet of rest, ice and anti inflammatories. There’s nothing else to do. I’m going a little nuts. I’m playing a lot of Solitaire and petting Aggie.
So I pray. I pray for healing and patience.

Those are a lot of ‘I’ statements. Sorry.
In the grand scheme of things, I know in my heart, I’m incredibly blessed. This is only temporary. There are lots of folks out there with a hundred times worse health issues. I’m sorry if this is an inconsiderate post. I know you guys will set me straight and get me off my pity pot.

Thanks for letting me vent,


30 thoughts on “Stupid Psoas

  1. I’m afraid that complete rest followed by PT is the only thing that will help. 😦 And even when you’re allowed to run again, you have to stick to flats. The “good” news is that I bet you’ll love running even more when you’re 100% healed! Good luck.

  2. You do need to rest. When the weather clears, may I suggest you enjoy the trails on a mountain bike. One of two things will happen. You will like it and be rested for your eventual return to running. Or you will like it and mountain biking will be your new thing. Remember. Every knock is a boost.

  3. You have every right to vent. Running is a huge thing in your life. However, never say never. I have several friends who were told they would never run again and they found ways around it. One had terrible knees and didn’t run for years. One day he decided to run barefoot and has been running ever since, pain-free. Whatever happens, there are other options. I’ve been doing a lot of walking post-cancer, and yoga, and love them both. And cross-country skiing a few weeks ago kicked my butt! It felt like a better workout than running.

  4. I Fully support massage therapy. I see my therapist every 2-3 weeks and she makes a significant impact on my ability to stay strong! Check it out!!!!

  5. Being injured can be a huge bummer. But it can force/allow you to focus on other aspects of running, like nutrition. Do you research and start planning your new healthy eating habits! Make a meal plan for the week or the month. Clean out your pantry and stock it with good stuff. Make an awesome dish and share your recipe!

  6. That sucks. You must be going mad right now but don’t worry, as long as you rest it you will get better. Have you thought about diverting your energy into an evil genius plan to take over the world? Just a thought. You could go back to running afterwards.

  7. I “liked” the post but I don’t like the post!! is there any way you can find someone in the area that does Rolfing? I’m afraid I’ve turned into some kind of groupie but after over 1-1/2 years searching for a solution I think I’ve found both a solution and an answer – a solution that will help me keep the issue and the pain under control and an answer that will help me fix the issue. SO sorry!! OMG I do understand.

  8. I feel your pain! I have struggled with psoas and SI joint issues for over 20 yrs and continue to manage the issue. If it truly is a psoas problem a good PT who knows what they’re doing can definitely help (remember, I’m a PT). Good luck! Remember, most likely this too shall pass. Yoga?

    • Oh, Amy, has this truly been an issue for you for so long? *gulp* I guess manageable is good enough. I forgot you’re a PT…I will find one here to talk to…I’m willing to have any help I can get. My chiro has been doing amazing things with my psoas so far, but more is better here, I hope.
      Thanks so much for commenting. It helps keeps my spirits up. AND I love that you read my blog!!

  9. Oh gosh, I only just saw this… what a bummer! You must be so frustrated. It’s good that you are sensible and resting though. I had a niggle in my hip over the winter and my physiotherapist (who I suspect might also be a magician) helped me run two marathons on it and recover in the process… Seriously, the man is a genius. I’d suggest you come to Scotland and pay him a visit, but failing that, I’d definitely suggest seeing a more conveniently located physio as soon as you can. They really can make a huge difference to your recovery!

  10. I somehow missed this post and am only reading it now. I’m sorry to hear of your injury. Has it gotten any better? I’m sure Aggie is taking great care of you. Everything happens for a reason & you are doing the right thing by resting!

  11. Ugh…that really sucks! I’m sitting on the sidelines with an injury, too, so I can relate. I see from your reply above that you are getting better. Very good news. It is hard being patient…and the dogs are none to pleased either. Wishing you a strong recovery!

    • Thanks so much for commenting! I see from your blog you’re in Illinois? I guess the weather is helping you stay put, too. It’s anywhere from 0° to -20° most mornings here…not my favorite from early morning runs (my usual run time). I’ll check out your blog some more after I write this! Quick healing to you, too.

  12. Hi there – I found this post while in a cabin-fever state of frustration over my own recently pulled groin. Your description of the pain sounds too familiar – how long was the process of rest, and then rehab, before you were back to full speed? (I hopeful that you’re fully recovered and back to full speed by now… 🙂


    • Hey Chris,
      Being injured is so frustrating! Rest and more rest was the only way to heal my psoas. Like so many of us, I’m a terrible patient. I just wanted to run. When I tried to run through the pain, I made my injury so much worse. Cross training can be so un-satisfying. I think I ultimately stayed away from running for 6 weeks. Turns out, my right leg injuries were indicative of a larger issue (post coming about this).
      I just had surgery. So, I’m not running for a few more weeks. So, I pour over old issues of Ultrarunning magazine. I trawl gear sites like some creepy stalker. And I walk. A lot.
      Do you have a chiropractor? Mine is a life saver.
      I hope you take the time to heal. Chronic injury is the alternative.
      Happy Healing!

      • Surgery?! Bummer to hear – I hope it did the job and you can get back to what you love doing.

        I felt a lot better about 10 days after it happened, then I goofed around a little bit at my son’s soccer practice, and now it hurts worse than it did the day I injured it. I think I’ll be crawling into a bubble for the next 4-6 weeks – that should do the trick…

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