It’s Official

Well, I’ve committed. It’s official. I signed up for this year’s VT100K. The race is July 19th. I have six months to get my butt in gear. *gulp*
Yup. It seemed like a good idea…while my finger hovered over the register button.
Aggie thinks its a great idea, of course.
I am excited, but apprehensive. 62 miles is twice as far as I’ve run, yet. I can try, right?
Here’s to dreaming big!

Thanks for sharing my big news,


47 thoughts on “It’s Official

    • Haha! Thanks. I went promptly and celebrated with a night trail run. When I realized what I’d done, on both ends, I went screaming through the woods. Just kidding. Yikes!

  1. Oh! So exciting! I have still not registered for a 50K, sigh, and the one I thought I’d get into in Feb won’t happen due to a work thing. Blech. You’ve given me hope! I’ll find another and bite the bullet!

  2. Awesome! You will rock that race for sure! Your dog Aggie is so cute and I bet an amazing running buddy! Where in VT do you train? I run in Northern VT, NH up near Littleton/St. J./Burke/ Franconia areas.

    • I’m thrilled you commented!! I LOVE your eggs!! I have a sticker from your place from the WNHTRS a few years back. And, of course, the blog.
      I’m in the UV. I would love to run with you someday. It’d be an honor! We’re not really close, but it’d be worth me driving to meet you.
      It’s really Aggie’s fault that I’m running. Now, she’s my security detail and coach!

      • So sorry to take forever to write back. Sometimes I don’t see these comments as I am on It would be awesome to run together sometime! I am hoping to do some of the WNHTRS this summer. What about you?

      • WNHTRS, VT100, Moosalamoo, VT50, TARC Spring Thaw (in 2 weeks!), Pineland, Ghost Train. Any of these on your list? I sometimes do training runs in the Upper Valley, too.
        I’d love to met my organic hero!

      • I may be focusing on shorter distance for a bit. Was going to run Pineland Last year but was injured. YOu are amazing!!! Yes, a run someday would be excellent!

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