Mornin’ Running

I’m mostly a morning runner. Here are some of my favorite shots from my beautiful Vermont mornings. And a couple from a recent trip to Spain.







Running continues to be a real joy for me. How’s your running going?

Thanks for running with me,


17 thoughts on “Mornin’ Running

  1. I am not sure if running is a joy for me or not anymore. Ever since the time change (and the drop in temps) I have yet to find an enjoyable time to run. It is making me angry which makes me resent the idea of running even more. The longer I go without the running the more I don’t want to discuss the possibility of squeezing it in. I have a race planned for the first week in April. HELP!

    • Girl, you and me need to get together.
      Jon’s struggling with the same feelings….
      I unintentionally took a bunch of time off this time last year…I really struggled with the time change. If you’re like me, it’ll only be a phase, replaced by love of running on snowmobile trails.

  2. Ah, it looks lovely! I’m not a morning runner though, I’ll start early if I’m pulling an all dayer, but generally I like my shorter runs in the evening. It takes my body too long to get moving first thing!

      • I got a Black Diamond one from Amazon because the reviews for the brand were good. I’ve been pleased with it because you can gave white light and red light (which doesn’t impact other peoples night vision) and you can adjust the brightness of both. Also you can lock it so that it doesn’t accidentally get switched on in your pack and drain the batteries…I’m pretty pleased with it and I’ve run a few times with it now 🙂

    • Yes! I ran 10 of the 14 days I was there. I primarily ran on the road, but there is no such thing as a flat road in Catalunya. It was such great trail training. I posted about some hiking we did a few weeks ago…check it out.
      Are you buried/snowed in?

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