New (To Me) Trails

Whoops. Runners restart.

Finally. I got out of my running box. New trails. Today is Long Run Friday. No racing this weekend, so a long-ish run is just the ticket. AND it’s been a month since I’ve had a Friday off for playtime!

The West River Trail runs roughly along route 30 in Southern Vermont from South Londonderry to Brattleboro. It follows the West River on an abandoned railroad bed.

I love my bread and butter trails. They are my staple running. But, I needed a destination run to get pumped up on this week. Notice what’s missing? Yeah, no rain! A first in months!

I also needed to get a break from bush whacking.

We ran out about seven miles, from South Derry, through Winhall campground, past Angel Falls. Hubby and I went to Ball Mountain Dam this past March. About a mile before that point, we turned around for a return seven.
I’ll blame the dog for keeping the mileage around 14. I’m still trying to keep the dog alive. Heat + many hours running= peeing-on-the-floor-and-bed. Poor girl. There’s the pill for that. So says the vet. For now, less than four hours is Aggie’s max trail time.

The trail is mostly gravel and pine needles. And flat. I’m grateful the scenery is so extraordinary, cause the trail itself is fairly uneventful. I love hills. And there are some short stretches through more rugged terrain. The half mile lead up to Angel Falls is an up and down with real shade.

We swam as much as we ran. I actually walked as much as I ran. I am not in as good shape for distance as I was in early May. My hip flexors are as tight as ever. I’m not sure how to alleviate this Any thoughts for strengthening them?
Nothing a little Aleve doesn’t fix, for now.
I’m incredibly grateful to run long today. I’ve been a little blue the last week. So much heat, even more humidity. And not enough work on the recovery portion of my life. I’ve started making the necessary adjustments. Now, to continue the forward momentum so I stay out of the bad neighborhood that is my head. Having some distance running in the mix helps soothe this busy brain.
I love the post run lazy afternoon. I realized on my run my Hokas are blown out. So, I spent a little while online while rolling around on the couch. I thought I’d order another pair or Stinson Evos until I read about the Mafate 3.

They’re supposed to be wider in the toe box and more stable. Sold. My Stinson are incredibly stable, but way too narrow for my big footsies. Here goes. I’ll let you know how they are. SO EXCITED! I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas. They should arrive in time for my volunteering gig at the Vermont 100 next weekend.
My blogoversary is on the fourteenth. One whole year of vttrailgirl’ing. Any ideas for a way to celebrate?
Thanks for running with me,


8 thoughts on “New (To Me) Trails

  1. what beautiful scenery! I’m jealous you were by Winhall campground- I still can’t wait to try it out. Aggie is amazing! Zeke’s max in this weather is about 3 miles. I’m really going to appreciate some cooler fall runs when they come.

    Congratulations on your blogoversary-what an accomplishment! I love reading your posts and particularly like how you sign off with “thanks for running with me”!

  2. My discovery this summer has been the hamstring is the root of all issues. Here’s a few things I found that make sense to me as far as exercises…I would also put squats in here as a needed exercise. It will help tons. Make sure on the squat you do proper form. It’s easy to do them incorrectly. Pretend you are trying to sit in a chair that is too far away and then stand by pushing through your heels not the front of your feet. Have fun at the 100!

  3. Aw your dog is so cool! I wish mine would run with me, instead she just lies down and attacks sticks. Never mind!

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