A Day Without Rain

Here in Southern Vermont, it has been a soggy spring. Since June 1st, we’ve received a record 13″ of rain. Trails and gardens are exploding. The rain isn’t a running deterrent, but a day of full sun is a little bit of heaven trail side.

Aggie and I went out for our first ten miler today since The 50K and post foot injury. It was gorgeous and lush everywhere and completely overgrown.

I’m so grateful to be running again. I was incredibly sore, right off the bat. I’m not sure if I’ve increased my mileage too quickly post recovery. I’ve run 28 miles the past week, up from two walking miles the week before.
My hip flexors are as tight as when I started running. I should be honest here and say I walked quite a bit the first four miles. The uphill grind felt as challenging as its ever been. My foot has been completely pain free, though. I’ll chalk the pain in my hip up to starting over.

I have a six mile race in NH tomorrow. It was my first trail race exactly one year ago! Amazingly, I’ll probably be slower this year. Oh well, it’ll be fun to hang out with friends and run some trails I haven’t spent much time on. I’ll let you know how it goes,

Thanks for running with me,


7 thoughts on “A Day Without Rain

  1. love those little tadpoles! Glad you are feeling better on your runs! Btw, we’ll be camping in Vermont one day next week, we’re staying at Winhall Brook in the Green Mountains-do you know that area?

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