Signs of Spring

We interrupt this ultra training to bring you spring. Finally. Sorry, Colorado. Your time will come.









Today was a super pokey, super beautiful three hour run. It was great to not rush and simply enjoy the trails. There’s always tomorrow to continue race training. 22 days left til the Pineland 50K.

Thanks for running with me,


11 thoughts on “Signs of Spring

  1. Thanks, Andrea. It was a small scratch from a branch. But, I felt tough when the blood flowed. Hehe. All the dirt and sweat didn’t show up as well in the photo. Ahh, running in warm weather is like heaven.

  2. Spring will eventually happen in Colorado. It’s just waiting for me to return.

    22 days away is so exciting! I can’t wait to livetweet how pumped I am about your race.

  3. Beautiful pictures. Love the one of Aggie especially. Gorgeous trillium
    Love that you can enjoy the weather along with your training. Tons of love from your proud parents.

    • I’m actually scared now. I had a hard six hour run last week. It was like a shot of reality. I’m hoping to finish in under eight, but I’m thinking I should simply shoot for not DNFing. Or Not DFL. Ugh. Cold feet ya think?

      • We all need a wake up run before the big race. I remember breaking down in tears on the trail a few weeks before my first marathon (12 years ago before anyone ran marathons). If you’ve had that moment of self doubt and have still decided to go run it you will be fine. I’m cheering for you and I have confidence in you.

  4. I agree with runningwithsam – I think it just means that you are fully aware of what you are planning to do and what that means. And when the day arrives you will be so focused and prepared, and so excited it’s finally arrived – that when the going gets tough you will be ready for that and you will keep moving through it. If you didn’t have that awareness of how tough this is you could set yourself up for trouble. You can DO it!!

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