Coastal Adventures

Here is some recent trail porn from the eastern-most point in the US, Lubec, Maine. Aggie was grandma sitting, while the doggie parents trudged north childless. Insert sad face. But all was well.


This was my first trip to the coast this year. It was an eight-ish hour drive to visit extended family. I hadn’t even considered the potential for good trail running on the ocean. But here it was. And it was amazing. Quaddy State Park has some of the most beautiful trails I’ve seen yet. I made hubs wait while I snapped pictures every few feet. I think I said wow about 500 times. So worth the pokey pace.


Before last weekend, i had little desire to run outside of my favorite home trails. Maybe there’s a bit of traveling for more ‘exotic’ runs in my future. Time and money allowing, of course.
Only four weeks left til my frickin’ first ultra! Wooooohooooo! Pineland, here we come.
Does anyone know when to taper before a 50K? Is it necessary?

Thanks for running with me,


4 thoughts on “Coastal Adventures

  1. I think your last biggest run shud be 2.5 to 3wks ahead, then down to say 12 mi. two weeks ahead, 10k one week ahead then taper each day to just shaking out the legs a bit on the last 2 days before the big one. What is the race called and where?
    love, Steve

    • It’s called the Pineland Farms Running Festival. There’s a variety of races over Memorial Day weekend. The 50K is on Sunday. It’s in New Gloucester, Maine. Check out their website and let me know what you think! Besos.

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