50K Training: Seven Weeks To Go

I’d thought I’d be ready for a six hour run this past weekend. I wasn’t. ‘Long Run Friday’ turned into ‘snowboarding in summer Friday’. It was a glorious, steamy day on the hill. Corn snow and mash potatoes abounded. I love working on my goggle tan. No pictures, please. I imagine I may only have one or two days left to the season. I worked at wringing out every last ounce of joy from the day.

I was about as far as I’ve ever been from wanting to run this week. My five hour run last week kind of ebbed my interest in another long run so soon. I know, I’m in training, i need to learn to push through low spots. But, my running rebirth has been nothing but joyous, and I’m not ready to compromise on this feeling. I’m sure the time will come when I’ll have to expand and use more of the tools in my kit. Right now, I’m committed to keeping running fun. Period.
So, I supplemented. In addition to riding, some hiking was in order. Last week, we had some fifty+ degree days (I know, crazy, huh?). We checked out the largest earthen dam in the US, Ball Mountain Dam in Townsend, VT. There’s a big kayak festival here in mid April when forest service does a dam release. Hmm….maybe there’s a return to kayaking in my future. I was really only there to do some reckying for a new long run route. I’ll keep you posted on that. For those who want to check it out, google West River Trail in VT. It’s a 36 mile combination of mountain and rail trails, with the potential for an awesome ultra…

This is Aggie leaping with glee after being cooped up in the car for hours of Saturday/Sunday driving.



Hubby and I impulsively committed to a three-ish hour loop run together. I usually run solo, with just my Aggie girl. The last time J and I ran together was in November. I love the solitude of my runs, but I’m learning to be more of a team player. Hahaha. It was good to have company, but I relish my solo efforts.
So much of the snow pack has melted away. Some of the 12 miler was ice, some not. There will probably be snow til May on the shader sections. Some of the trails were torrential rivers. Shoulda taken pictures. Twice, my Hokas almost got sucked off by ankle deep mud. Aggie loved it. She was covered with mud, head-to-tale. I bit the bullet and went straight through both kinds of Spartan fun. I wish I had TWO pairs of Hokas for the 50k, just in case. Running in dripping wet, cold shoes is a recipe for DNFing. Despite the muck and ice, I’m really grateful for a change from the usual heavy, slow, snow-covered trails. They were new and different and fun. AND I was able to go a touch faster. You know, I may have actually resembled someone RUNNING!
Actually, it felt good to push. And to be touching REAL terra firma.
As I said before, I’ve been listening to running podcasts, like Trail Runner Nation. One in particular highlighted author Tim Noakes’ book Waterlogged. In it he talks about hyponatremia. In short, we are drinking way more water than we need. So, I tried to stay away from the sloshy water stomach I usually have. On this particular run, I just drank to thirst. I think I normally drink way more than I need. We’ll see, I’ll keep messing around with what works for me, especially as the temperature rises.

This is Aggie after a long day of snowboarding. She was spent.
Hope everyone had a family filled Easter.

Thanks for running with me,


6 thoughts on “50K Training: Seven Weeks To Go

    • Thanks! That would be hilarious! Maybe IRunFar could cover it! Maybe I should post on Twitter what everyone’s butts look like from the very back of the pack! Ha! Wish you were on the east coast to be there, too.

  1. AWESOME!!! My first 50K was Sylamore in Arkansas, in February (a few years ago). I woke in Mountain View, AR the morning of the race to four inches of fresh snow, it was 18 degrees. It’s an out-and-back course and one mile in you have to cross a creek, so I knew I would have wet shoes the entire run. Some people changed shoes but it was useless, the new ones just got wet from the snow/ice/melt. A friend told me to get a pair of Injini’s and a pair of smart wools, and wear the smart wools over the Injini’s, which I did, and it worked great! Of course my feet were wet, but they only felt cold when I stopped at the fuel stations. One thing, tho: loosen your laces a tad, with the extra thickness my little toe was really sore the next day because it was too tight in the toe box.
    Also I found that about all I could eat was salty stuff, they had roasted potatoes with coarse salt, and that old fashioned Lipton chicken noodle soup that comes in sort of an envelope? with the little flat noodles? I could chug that stuff! The one thing that almost turned my stomach was they were serving HOT Gatorade *GAK*
    Happy Trails!!!

    • Yum on the Cup-‘O-Soup, yuck on the hot Gatorade. Who thought that was a good idea? Reading ‘Running Ransom Road’ and the author talks about unexpectedly getting hot tea at an aid station at the Moscow Marathon…on an 80degree day. Again, yuk.
      Thanks for writing!

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