Time to Throw Down

First things first. My 50k training has officially begun. Which means I should mention the when and where. My very first ultra is the Pineland Farms Trail 50k on May 26. Its a weekend-long trail running festival in Maine. The 50k is on a Sunday, making for an awesome destination weekend.
My nerves are making me second guess my big jump into the ultra scene. It was only a year ago, almost to the day, that I trotted out my first trail run in twenty plus years. What the heck, bring it on. I can do this. Right?
So, I have just about eleven weeks left with which to train. Mind you, I simply want to complete the distance without falling apart. That’s a pretty wide margin to work in. BUT, right now my booty is cooked after 12 miles. I have some training time to put in.
That being said, I ran five days this week, including two back-to-back longish runs. And it has not stopping snowing in VT for over a week. Because I refuse to run anything else, I’m wobbling and twisting on snow packed trails. My heart rate has consistently been in the 150 bpm range for the entirety of the run. Making for one tired, actually two, tired puppies. Both girl and dog are grateful for artful picture stops along the way.

Food I love on long runs:
Honey Stinger Pomegranate Chews. Yum.
Chicken broth
Clif Bars, especially peanut butter chocolate chip
Snickers Mini (I discovered those after Halloween), but only one or two, or it’s not staying down
Peanut butter and strawberry jam sandwiches
Blackstrap molasses mixed with honey and instant coffee. Not so yummy, but my stomach is okay with it and it’s way healthier than most energy gels.
AND my newest favorite run item is Nuun sport drink tabs in grape. I put two or three in my hydration pack, instead of plain water, and voila. Delicious, fizzy, yummy electrolytes. Seriously love it.
I’m planning on alternating weeks for adding an hour to my long run. I’m up to 4 1/2 hours, so by May I should be getting comfortable with 7 and 8 hours on the trail. In theory. I’m not going to speculate on a finishing time to shoot for. Maybe next post. It seems too daunting to think about yet.

The good news gets better…the elevation gain for the Pineland 50k is about 300 feet! Total! Can I pick ‘me or what? Now, I’ll really be in luck if the course is in the woods out of the sun. And my 40th birthday is just days before the run. I might have to wear a birthday tiara. Put a BOLO out on chesty girl in a tiara. Hehehe.

Who’s running with me?



10 thoughts on “Time to Throw Down

  1. Great news Astrid. You can do it. Would love to follow your training. And more snow………………………we are loving the first days of a sunny spring here in Scotland.

    • Thanks, Robyn! Of course I immediately read the race reports you so awesomely linked for me. Barefoot Monologues is such a great blog. So glad to know about it. Oh boy, I thought this ultra was gonna be flat, but Trisha says its hilly. Oh, well. I better kick it up a notch! Crap.

  2. So the course has very little elevation gain, but it’s not flat at all. So plenty of rolling ups and downs. Don’t train on flat land like I did, if you can help it. It is, however about 80% out of the sun. It’s mostly in shaded woods (VERY shaded, bring music to alleviate boredom), but then it spends a little time out in the hay fields. Last year it got up over 80* so those parts were the hardest, but they don’t last long. Best of luck in your training, and I look forward to hearing how you do!

  3. If I remeber correctly, the 50K was about 3000 ft of total elevation but I may be wrong. Like Trisha said, it was fairly well shaded except for the fields. The hills in the last 5 miles of the loop (11-16 and 26-21, it’s 2 loops) were tough for me because my foot hurt. Bottom line on the hills, I don’t recall any sustained stretches that were flat. Get into those hills for your training. It will pay off.

    good luck and maybe I’ll see you there.

    • Thanks, Brad! Will do.
      I said flat pretty loosely, no disrespect to those who’ve done it! I was being a punk! You know, the I’ve-got-this attitude. Thanks for the heads up about the course. I’m super super excited for my first ultra!
      Happy running.

  4. My running partner and I will be trying Pineland for the first time too! I am signed up for the 50k 🙂 like you, my running career only started a year ago. Can’t wait!

      • I hear ya! My injury sidelined me for almost 6 weeks so I have lost a lot of training ground. I am a stubborn bi&*h though 🙂 We will get it done!

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