I was a crab-ass today. Poor me’s all day. While watching a segment on folks with facial tumors, I had an a-ha moment. What an ungrateful little turd I’m being. I’ve got it sooooo frickin good, it hurts. My life is amazing. Truly.
It seems a little cliche to do this as a blog post, but I hope you’ll indulge me while I share my working gratitude list. It always helps me to add to my list when my attitude’s in the shitter. I haven’t done one this year, so here goes.

My honey
My family
My Aggie girl
The ability to run
Coffee, coffee, coffee
Wood stoves
Making amends
Shirts that fit my long waist. Actually, anything that fits; I’m six feet tall and not some skinny mini.
Chocolate frosting
Moving out of my comfort zone
Hot showers
Spell check
Young Frankenstein and Blazing Saddles
Sports bras.
Comfortable shoes, namely my Hokas and my Keen sneakers
Zebra print duct tape
Crock pots
Hot dogs and mustard with sauer kraut
Having Fridays off
No tumors
Never having broken a bone
Living in Tahoe for four years.
Living in VT
Growing up in NYC
Learning to slow down
Heartache (this one’s a work in progress)
My favorite books
My sight
All my fingers and toes.
Learning to be kind
Good beats
Nice people
Animal shelters
Many trips to Spain
Our local trails
A good education
Quitting smoking last year
French Fries
Sandy beaches
Having a working car
Ultra runners to learn from
People that make me laugh
Other women bloggers
My overall health
Dentures (really, long story, though).
Night diving
Not doing this alone
How could I forget til now: HOT SAUCE on just about everything
Hot pink
Burt’s Bees chapstick
A fresh dump (no not THAT) of snow
Riding on a powder day
All the greyhounds my family has adopted
Baby hippos and giraffes
Managing a nightclub for two years
Driving cross country five round trips.
More sushi
Greek food
Good paintings
a second chance at life
Black clothes
Stained glass
Weight loss success stories
Side-splitting laughter
Doomsday movies.
Sleeping in
Syfy channel
My bed, with tons of blankets
Running before sunrise
Cactus plants
Sock monkeys
My iPad
Contact lenses
Bill Wilson
Social networking
Not always having to ask why
Just for today



Please add yours,


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