Big Snow

Whoops. Sorry about the false start.

We didn’t get the three feet of snow some of southern New England received, but enough for some amazing conditions. I didn’t get a chance to snowboard. I did enjoy some amazing trails on Hoka, buried under a foot and a half or more of fresh powder.

I finally ran four days in a row. I wouldn’t call all of what I did running, per say, but I was moving. And sweating. And hooting and hollering, with glee. We don’t have to worry about where to put multiple feet of snow. So when we get a big dump, it’s strictly playtime.

Me and Aggie hit the trails. She is hilarious in deep snow. Often, she was buried up to her shoulders, trying to swim to stay afloat. Needless to say, both girl and dog are spent. My quads and calves are about to go on strike. Today is a rest day. But I’m back at it with a pre-work 4 miler first thing tomorrow. Yay, 5:30am wake up call! Ugh. Those trails aren’t gonna run themselves.

This Friday I’m planning on my first longish run in months. Ideally, I have 14 miles on the calendar. I said ideally.
Fingers crossed for a good day. Stay tuned.

Thanks for running with me,

P.S. I haven’t forgotten about the 50k announcement. Nothing like a little suspense, right?


9 thoughts on “Big Snow

    • Hola! The sign is on a beautiful local trail called ‘big tree loop’. Its the long shadows across the snow that held interest for me, more than the sign. It’s funny that is was blurred in the final edit.
      Besos, papi.

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