No Place Like Home

Temperatures here in VT the past two weeks have fluctuated dramatically. We’ve had balmy 55 degree days. The very next, it’s a bone chilling -20, just to keep the balance. And not a lot in between.
On the warm mornings, I get up before dawn and run. Sounds dramatic, eh? Sunrise is at seven, though. Anyway, I run before work. And all is well with my world for the day.
On sub-zero days, I cower under a sea of heavy blankets until coffee is delivered. No run for me. No treadmill, no park trips for Aggie dog. Sad astrid.
So after some especially frigid days, 15 degrees seemed doable for a run. And if I don’t continue to train, no 50k for me this June. More on that big piece of news later.

Full loaded, um, armored under a one piece-like snowsuit, I set out on some new trails. It was painfully cold on my exposed face, but otherwise comfy. Nothing a little fleece couldn’t fix. I had new trails and ice sheets to keep my brain busy and happy. Sweet relief.


There’s so much magic in new trails. I would never have been interested in risking life and limb to brave this crappy footing before. But this is new terrain. It links two sections of town forest I didn’t know could be connected without crossing boring roads. So, over ice I go. Happily. My Hokas work really well with Yak Traks on ice.

More ice for your enjoyment.

This past weekend, my husband’s family convened in Minneapolis for a winter wedding. I’d been hoping to blog from there, complete with Midwestern trail photos. NFW. For the four days we were there, it never got above -1. Again, NFW. I squeezed out two 5ks on the treadmill. Barely. Ugh. BUT, I did it. And no, I’m not telling you my times. Sorry.

I played hooky today, caught up on some much missed sleep and went on a two hour run. Aggie and I gleefully skipped over ice. I hucked sticks and walked big hills, skidded over frozen rivers and generally reveled in being back home with my dog girl. I so love my home trails. I love the ice, the layers. I love running slow and long. I love being home. And I love it even more now. Something about absence and fondness…
When it’s 90 degrees and 100% humidity, will someone remind me about how wonderful I think that sounds right about now? Thanks.

Thanks for running with me,




8 thoughts on “No Place Like Home

  1. The first time I ever cross country skied was outside of Minneapolis, minus something and at that time I was coming from Virginia…can you just imagine!
    Love seeing and feeling the cold. Thanks, Susan

      • Do you want to stay local or travel to an ultra? Whatever you pick, train on similar terrain. I got my first ultra finished on a timed loop course with ample access to my supplies and rest area.

      • Thanks for the heads up. I wish there were more choices in New England for ultras. No matter, I’ll take what I can get. AND save up for a destination ultra next year.

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