Flu, Round Deux.

The flu is all over the news. I’ve been doing a bit of eye rolling over all the fuss. Granted, I was sick for an unprecedented two weeks in early December. No biggy.
Hahaha. The joke’s on me. I’m the proud recipient of a second dose of the flu, only five weeks after the first. What?!?! Okay, I’m going to use my least favorite acronym……WTF?!?! Who gets the flu twice in a winter, huh? I’m healthy, I take tons of supplements, 3,000 mg of C, very little processed food and tons of raw veggies. AAAARRRGH.
AND I CAN’T TRAIN. Have I lost perspective? I know there are those who have it worse. I know it’s temporary, but I feel like I’m having to pay a bill I already paid. Crabby, I know.
On the upside, I don’t feel nearly as terrible as I did last month. In only two days, I’m up, sipping a toddler size portion of coffee and eating toast. That’s a lot to be grateful for.
Okay, I’m done boohooing. Thanks.
So, while between naps and some SyFy channel, I created a Tumblr account, vttrailgirl.tumblr.com. My Tumblr account is strictly visual. Just photos. For those of you that follow me here, you may recognize the photos I post on Tumblr. They’re fancy re-dos of the pics I post on WordPress plus some non-running images I’m working on.
While I’m shamelessly promoting myself, my twitter handle is @vttrailgirl.

Thanks for reading (my boohooing),


4 thoughts on “Flu, Round Deux.

  1. really love the first image – very strong and yet gently evocative. Rats about the flu. My cure was always gatorade… wonder what the equivalent is here. Get better, run hard, enjoy that crazy winter!

    • Thanks, Susan! Great to hear from you. I’m feeling very international today. My other comment is from a fellow runner in The UK. Nothing like some global love to get me smiling. Lots of love, A.

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