(Almost) As Good As Running

Happy Holidays!
I haven’t posted in three weeks! Betcha thought I’d given up, huh? No? Well, I’ll tell ya about it anyway. It was cold, I had the capital F flu, and it was still cold. There, that’s it. Wasn’t so bad, was it?

I had my first day back running on Christmas. And it was awesome. I was afraid it’d be painful, but it wasn’t. My usual terrain seemed fresh and new. My lungs didn’t burn and my quads and calves aokay. Unbelievable! I guess a bit of break was just what I needed to reset my body.

I love riding, but have taken the last few years off. These pics are from today’s hike and ride! We’re in the middle of a big dump, so far we’ve gotten 12″ to 14″ of the fresh stuff. Riding felt like spending time with an old friend I missed terribly. I wondered if I’d still know what to do. It really is like riding a bike. And hubby finally got to give it a shot. We laughed and sweated and had a hilarious time. Wowza! So grateful.
I may cross country ski this weekend, so I may put running on hold for few more days. The snow is too good not to take advantage of. More pictures to come of that particular brand of hilarity. Stay tuned…


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