A little bit of everything

Greetings from another Long Run Friday.

This a snapshot from my first attempt at running in the predawn hours.

I’m watching Aggie sleeping while sitting up. That’s about where I’m at, so I’ll be brief. This my longest run to date at 20.26 miles in 5:46: and some seconds.

I started at 6:30, a little nervous about critters in the woods before the sun came up. No critters, and there was some light. See creepy photo. Still haven’t used my headlamp on trail. That’s fine with me. I’m sure it’s time will come.

My folks sent me their handheld Garmin to use, so I could keep track of pace, mileage, altitude and lots of other stuff I haven’t figured out how to use yet. I spent quite a bit of time looking at the Garmin while running- I’m amazed I didn’t wipe out.

It was cool, temperature wise, between 40 and 45 the entire run. There was abundant sunshine til hour four, then the winds picked up, and it started to rain. Blessedly, the rain was brief. I picked up the pace to keep warm.

I usually eat two or three energy gels on my long runs and suffer later with an upset stomach. I read online that I may want to try more solid food That worked for this run. I had a gel at the half way point, an apple, some peanut butter at the start and a GF breakfast bar. No tummy trouble here. It was just recently stopped getting side stitches from eating before a run. So, solid food it is. Maybe a little less caffeine,too. Yeah, right.

I didn’t kill the dog. My legs don’t hurt. I didn’t break anything. And I didn’t pee on myself. All in all, a very awesome run.

So, beautiful run it was. Yup. Sweaty, stinky girl take nap now. Later, I will guiltlessly eat copious amounts of waffle fries.

Thanks for reading,





2 thoughts on “A little bit of everything

  1. Good thing you didn’t try to get ready and run NYC marathon. Great blog entry. Hope you can figure out the Garmin. We go lost with it the first time we used it so always called it the f….in Garmin. But it was my fault, garbage in garbage out> Steve

    • I’ll take you’re garbage!! I love the Garmin. Maybe it was waiting to come run with me!
      Glad they cancelled the marathon as of last night. Too many first responders and city staff needed in hard hit areas, not putting blankets around us runners Sunday.

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