It’s just a little rain


Gotta get me one of these euro stickers for the car!

Finally purchased a charger for my camera battery, and, of course, not the right size. How out of seven separate attachments does not one single one work? Rats. I really wanted to take pictures on my trail run. Oh well, guess I’ll have to keep posting irrelevant photos.

All this week I thought the CHaD 5k (it’s a fundraiser for Dartmouth Children’s Hospital) was on Saturday. Turns out it’s Sunday, so….FINALLY Long Run Friday is back! It’s been two months since my last all day run. And I’ve been missing them. The forecast was for heavy rain, so I’d have to dress accordingly. I’m a big girl, I know how to dress myself. Yeah.

Today’s run was a let’s-see-how-long-I-can-go kinda day. I love running in the rain in the summer. How much different could cool fall running in the rain be? I packed extra socks, hat, gels, water and tissues. Yeah, I’m still a newbie. My jacket had about as much waterproofing left in it as a wool sweater. How bad could it be under tree cover? Yeah.

The first two hours were smooth. I was on a familiar trail and going slow. I was wet, but not miserable. At the summit of Lost Mine trail, i change socks. Ahhhhh. Around hour three, I headed downhill and started to cool off. I was drenched and shivering. My Aggie girl was with me, and happy as can be. I wasn’t sure what the constant rain would be like for her. She never stopped darting in and out of the woods, chasing critters. Good sign, no distress. Me, I was cold! Why the heck didn’t I bring a change of jacket? Lack of leaves makes for crappy coverage from the elements. Note to self. Overpacking wouldn’t be a sin. I was not a Boy Scout.

At hour four, I made a detour and trotted home. I was still feeling awesome, and definitely not done running. Once home, I changed into dry clothes and hat, and headed out again. What the heck? Why not five more miles? Why? Because I can. And dry, dry, dry. I was solo, Aggie safe and dry and alive. If I could just outrun the rain…

It wasn’t a pretty five miles. Soaked again by a driving rain that had me Squeegee-ing my facing to see and squishing with every step. but who cares? I put in a good effort. I dragged a river into the house, mapped my route online, checked on Aggie. Still breathing. AND…holy cannolli, I ran 19 miles in 4:51:00!!ridiculous! This is my longest run yet. I’d do a Toyota jump if I had any legs left. Woooooooohooooo! I’m jumping on the inside! I AM SOOOO CLOSE TO MY FIRST ULTRA. I can taste it.

Ahh, a hot shower and chicken soup never tasted so good.

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