Catching Up



New shoes!!! These are my newest running purchase. Hoka Stinson Evos. And I love them. I had been coveting them for three months. I obsessed, I saved and I looked at them online obsessively. Did I say that already? You know, it’s that shiny thing disease. They are worth all 180 dollars I spent on them. But, yikes, on the price tag.

They are the opposite of minimalist. They have two whole inches of fabulous cushioning. They look more like the ill fated Shape Ups than a typical running sneaker. Yeah, I know, at six feet, I really needed an additional two inches of height. Because they drastically changed my center of gravity, it took me a couple of weeks to get used to and trust that I wouldn’t tip over barreling down a trail. I love feeling like I’m on a trampoline in ’em.

Okay, I’m not writing a review for Hoka, so I’ll leave the details to a sponsored runner.

Bottom line, I love my new shoes. My only gripe with them is my own technique. I’m a super supinator and these bad boys force me into a neutral foot strike. I’d been running all season on the outside edge of my tootsies in my ancient New Balance. Now, my foot pain is on the rise. Boo. Oh well. We’ll see if this corrects itself. I like them too much to stop now.

Just finished a 10k trail race This morning. Burrrrrrrr. Cold and beautiful. More on that later.

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3 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. Very nice, those are the ones I have been wearing for 2 months now. I love em, my first run on the trails with them was my 2nd 50k race. My only problem that race with them was getting nasty blisters around my heels. -Chris

    • I love ’em. I’m having problems w/ them being too narrow in the toe box. I have wide wide feet and these puppies are narrow. But, they are stretching!! Hooray!
      Happy running & keep in touch.

      • Same here, I wish they sold wide versions. I just bought a pair of Bondi b’s and they are much narrower then the stinsons. I only have a problem with my left foot being abnormally wide, I think my arch might have collapsed a bit after my first ultra.

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